Michael Thomas Clark

Senior Advisor

Mike is all about solving complex challenges at the intersection of technology and business. His expertise is in designing and building world-class systems environments and operationally effective teams for enterprises of all sizes.


In the context of mergers and acquisitions, Mike’s expertise is typically brought to bear in providing detailed assessments of current infrastructure capabilities and vulnerabilities, along with proposals for architectural designs aimed at addressing and remediating those issues. Whether the specific context is supporting organic growth or M&A, carve cut, or underperformance, Mike provides comprehensive, cost-sensitive, technology-agnostic solutions.

Mike’s experience includes serving as the Senior Manager of Infrastructure Development, Bausch & Lomb, Director of Production Support and then Vice-President of Desktop and Server Operations at Fidelity Investments Retail Group, and Vice-President of Enterprise Architecture at Fidelity Investments Systems Company.

At Fidelity Investments, Mike’s focus was on ensuring the highest levels of operational effectiveness in desktop and server environments on a national level. His responsibilities included managing over 12,000 desktops and several thousand servers with a team of 100+ operational support personnel. During this period, he was also tasked with creating an elite group of engineers to support Fidelity’s senior management team. He later led an enterprise-wide team of systems architects that developed a five-year roadmap focused on infrastructure technologies. Finally, Mike participated in several key transformational initiatives that sought to significantly reduce Fidelity’s famously prodigious technology spend.

Mike now serves clients across a variety of industries through providing infrastructure and technology strategy consulting services. Concentrating on high growth, M&A, carve out, or underperformance situations, Mike has managed several multi-phased global engagements: one on behalf of a private equity group involving an aerospace industry purchase and turnaround with facilities in both the US and Europe; another for a privately-held, struggling consumer goods company; and most recently for a British multinational that acquired a US-based manufacturing firm as one of its public holdings – a firm that Mike helped expand into the Asia-Pacific and South American markets. In each of these initiatives, Mike was responsible for performing detailed technology infrastructure assessments and recommendations, developing architectural plans, and managing program execution. These kinds of initiatives continue to require Mike not only to stay on top of the latest technology infrastructure developments across the entire systems spectrum, but to be able to translate and make sense of those developments both strategically and financially for C-level executives and private equity sponsors. Mike maintains an active profile within the global IT community, particularly in the cybersecurity area.

Mike holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in from The University of Western Ontario, in Canada, and has done graduate work at Brandeis, Harvard University, and MIT.

Outside The Office

When not at work Mike can be found traveling, writing and teaching, and spending time with his family. He enjoys digital photography, web design, and digital audio recording and engineering. Mike also plays a range of stringed instruments: guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, and lap steel guitar.

Follow Mike on Twitter: @michaeltclark

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