E.L.I. & Private Equity — Navigating the Fast Lane

The stakes are high. Decision after decision must be made expertly and quickly as others follow quickly behind, demanding attention. On top of this, the landscape is highly complex, competitive and ever-changing. The day-to-day demands of private equity investing can test even the most experienced and agile problem solvers.

At E.L.I., we believe exceptional results are the product of exceptional teamwork, so when it comes to serving private equity firms and their portfolio companies, that’s what we offer — a team-based approach to support your need for creating value in real time and ahead of the competition.

With years of experience, E.L.I. partners are well versed in the investment lifecycle. Our partners have worked on all sides of portfolio management, including within investment firms, as portfolio company executives, and advisors to private equity firms and their portfolio companies. We focus on and understand the unique challenges of operating in the middle market. E.L.I. partners have personally lived through the performance expectations, bandwidth limitations, and time constraints you and your portfolio companies face every day.

We understand the objectives.
We understand the obstacles.
And our track record is a history of success in investing, portfolio management, and exit planning and execution.

Our private equity services and flexible delivery model allow ELI to provide you with a cost-effective solution. We offer timely, exceptional results whether serving you and your portfolio companies in an advisory capacity, or directly leading an initiative from start to finish, bringing you fully integrated financial, operational, human capital, and technology expertise. We are results driven and align incentives with performance whether through consulting for equity, discretionary success fees, or other alternative compensation structures.


Pre-acquisition and Initial Investment:

  • Human capital, operational, and technology assessment
  • Carve-out planning and management

Portfolio Management and Value Creation:

Operational effectiveness ensuring the right people, processes, business systems, and infrastructure technology to support growth or improve performance.

  • Strategic planning facilitation and business plan development
  • KPI development, reporting and financial management
  • Process improvement
  • Systems and infrastructure assessment, strategy, selection, and implementation
  • Project and systems remediation
  • Global expansion and outsourcing

Merger and Acquisition:

  • Identification and integration across people, processes, business systems, and infrastructure technology

Exit Planning:

  • Exit preparedness, including strategic planning and operational assessment
  • Financial modeling
  • Carve-out planning and management
  • IPO Readiness
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