We Lead With Solutions

You know where you want to go. And we know how to get you there. At E.L.I., we seek first to understand your needs, then map out your best options to achieve your full vision.

Today, every leader, every team, and every organization has been asked to do more with less. In times of transformation, growth, under performance, and exit — when the stakes are high and margin for error is low — it is often difficult to devote the expertise, focus, and time to achieve exceptional results. That’s where we come in.

For periods of growth, under performance, and exit planning, we offer transformational expertise in:

  • Capital structure
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Exit via succession planning, or carve out
  • No matter what phase of business you’re in, our cross-functional expertise in finance, human capital, operations, and technology means we’re perfectly suited to offer comprehensive solutions across a wide array of business needs.

    Capital Structure

    Determining the appropriate capital structure during transformative periods in your business is not an easy task; fortunately, experienced perspective is where E.L.I. excels. Whether obtaining or renegotiating equity or debt financing, your E.L.I. partners have raised hundreds of millions of dollars leveraging public and private markets. We understand how to raise capital. And beyond merely raising capital, we’re accomplished in the strategic financial analysis, reporting, negotiation, and communication strategies needed during periods of growth, underperformance, and exit.

    During key times of transformation, you need the right people, the right processes, and the right technology, all working together in the right way. This is why in times of growth, merger, acquisition, realignment to address underperformance, or exit planning via succession, or carve out can be some of the most stressful for you and your team. E.L.I. specializes in lifting that stress and ensuring your talent, processes, and technology are operating effectively.

    Our capital structure solutions are tailored specifically to your unique needs and include:

    • Equity Financing
    • IPO
    • Secondary Public Offerings
    • Debt Financing

    Operational Effectiveness

    Whether you need a dedicated project executive or a specialized partner who oversees just one aspect of the transaction, E.L.I.’s partners are established experts in mergers, acquisitions, and carve outs. From assessment to integration or carve out, E.L.I’s expertise ensures key milestones and deliverables are achieved on time and within budget.

    Our operational effectiveness solutions are tailored specifically to your unique needs and include:

    • Process Improvement
    • System/Infrastructure Strategy, Assessment, Selection, and Implementation
    • Project/System Remediation
    • Program Management
    • Cost Analysis/Cost Reduction
    • Equity Negotiation/Refinancing
    • Human Capital Strategic Alignment
      • Execution of Shared Vision
      • Executive Coaching
      • Leadership and Team Development
      • Organization Design
      • Talent Acquisition and Assessment

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    • M&A Target Identification
    • M&A Target Due Diligence
    • M&A Integration across people, processes, business systems, and infrastructure

    Exit Planning

    One size does not fit all. At E.L.I., we’re always learning, expanding our knowledge base, tracking the shifts that will affect your organization, your industry, your needs. With a marketplace that changes daily, off-the-shelf solutions for critical transformations simply don’t work. You need a nimble and engaged partner who is ready to dive in with real experience delivering results.

    Our exit planning solutions are tailored specifically to your unique needs and include:

    • Succession Planning
    • Carve Out

    We Deliver Solutions. Here’s How

    We offer a full spectrum of advisory solutions. Contact us to discuss exceptional solutions for your business.

    • We’ll work alongside you, guiding you and offering experienced perspective as you directly lead the transformation efforts.
    • We’ll take the lead in a key area of transformation, effectively becoming part of your team for a season, reporting progress to you along the way.
    • Our performance-based pricing provides a cost-effective solution for the transformational goals of your business.

    Everything in between. It’s all about your needs and goals.

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