Family Controlled Businesses

Your business pursues growth and profitability while seeking to maintain harmony in the family. Through times of change, you may need a partner that understands your needs and can find creative solutions to meet your long-term goals—which often includes the desire to ensure family control for the future. 

  • We’ve been working with family controlled businesses for over 30 years
  • Our partners have successfully guided leadership transitions many times
  • E.L.I. has a strong track record of helping affect operational and strategic transformations for businesses like yours in many industries


Financing Growth

For family controlled businesses, financing considerations come with the added concerns of a multi-generational perspective.

Let’s work together to identify the financing alternatives that work best for your company and meet the needs of the family.

We act as an extension of your management team, providing the necessary insight and expertise to identify and implement an approach to securing capital that is tailored to the specifics of your business.


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Transition Planning & Execution

More than other businesses, family controlled enterprises need to prepare for the likelihood of transitions in the business along with succession planning.

Change is often hard. But rather than a reason for concern, it can be a perfect time to reset the company’s direction and realign management ranks to ensure continuity.

We can help you capitalize on such periods in your business, and manage through the dynamics that you will experience during the process. After years of successful transitions in the family arena, E.L.I. can provide you with expert guidance in the planning and implementation of transformative events for desired results.


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Performance Improvement

In a family business setting, the processes of restructuring business operations, resetting sales objectives, establishing new customer facing protocols, and retraining or recruiting talent are all heightened.

Many of our clients have found that the planning, implementation, and management of transitional projects within their organizations have benefited from the addition of E.L.I.’s expertise and perspective.

Working with E.L.I. Partners, whether for the streamlining of operational performance, leadership assessments or realignments, or other strategic initiatives, offers an opportunity to better manage change in your company.

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