Women Led Businesses

Your business deserves support from a firm that has firsthand knowledge of the challenges and choices that you face. You would benefit from a partner that understands your experience and comes with a track record and framework for how to navigate your journey ahead.

  • We are a women-led business with decades of operational, finance, and management experience
  • Our partners have helped to guide businesses like yours through periods of change
  • E.L.I. has a strong record of helping to plan, finance, and implement transitions and exits for women-led companies



Performance Improvement

The processes of restructuring business operations, meeting and maintaining customer expectations, and attracting management talent to join the team are often make-or-break decisions for small and medium sized companies.

Often, the planning, implementation, and management of transitional projects within such an organization benefits from outside expertise and perspective.

Working with E.L.I. Partners, the streamlining of operational performance represents an opportunity for focused change for the better in your company.

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Financing Growth

For women led businesses, financing is a critical aspect of any organization’s growth plan. Securing capital from the right institution at the right time is not easy to accomplish. Even in a healthy economy, the process can become a full time job for the leadership team.

Let’s work together to identify financing options that work best for your business, and help you to access the capital your company needs to grow.

We act as an extension of your management team, providing the necessary insights and expertise to identify and implement an approach to securing capital that is tailored to the specifics of your business.

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Transition Planning & Execution

With higher than average performance, accordingly to recent industry studies by Bloomberg and Quantopian, women led companies will no doubt be approached by those seeking to buy their businesses, even if not currently for sale. These buyers seek to grow their business through acquisition, and it is something to consider in lieu of an exit to expand your business more quickly.

Change is hard. But we have led the type of change initiatives you are facing hundreds of times before. Rather than a time for concern, it can be a perfect time to reset the company’s direction and realign its management team to ensure longevity.

We can help you to capitalize on such periods in your business, and manage the dynamics that you will likely experience during the process. After years of successful transitions in woman-led business, E.L.I. can provide you with expert guidance in understanding and evaluating the options available to you.

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