Ownership Transition

All businesses go through periods of growth and transition, and often need some assistance along the way.

Whether you are planning for succession within your family business, need to investigate exit options, maximize value in pre-sale, or initiate an external leadership search, E.L.I.’s team of C-level executives have found creative solutions to situations like yours.

We help small and mid sized companies develop and implement strategies to successfully navigate common pain points throughout every stage of the business lifecycle.


Transition Planning & Execution

After years, sometimes generations, of running a business, a transition of ownership can be one of the most difficult and emotional decisions a business owner will face. If not handled well, the impact on the organization and its employees can be devastating.

E.L.I. guides business owners throughout this change by identifying the pros and cons of various exit options, detailing assessments of financing strategies, and serving as the owner’s independent advisor. We can be very helpful in streamlining the process and insuring a timely resolution of issues as they arise.

We are on your side with expertise in due diligence, financing and financial analysis, leadership succession planning, project management, negotiation, communication, and integration strategies.

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Sale of Business

When planning to sell a business, value maximization becomes a major focus. But there are other considerations as well, including management continuity, post-closing concerns, and the impact on your business through the process – especially if the deal doesn’t close.

As such, preparation for sale should not always be left to the business itself, which can benefit from outside expertise that specializes in preparing the company to meet the requirements of an exit.

E.L.I. Partners bring decades of expertise in pre-sale preparation of companies, with a focus on maximizing value and managing the transaction processes.

Let’s work together to ensure that the deal closes as planned, and that your business gets the price you deserve for all the years of hard work leading up to this moment.

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Growth via Acquisition

Acquisition of another company can be utilized as a means of securing additional market share, management capabilities, and revenue, or used to enter a new line of business or expansion into a new region.

Managing the planning, transactional supervision, and integration of these opportunities is a significant undertaking. Due diligence, financing, and oversight of management requirements, are among the many responsibilities that will need to be administered by the buy-side company, and responded to by the sell-side target to complete a successful acquisition.

It can take a very long time to fully complete an acquisition transaction and integration. Support from a firm with our capabilities will greatly enhance the process and allow you to continue to focus on the critical activity of running your business.

Let E.L.I. help guide your acquisition strategy, working with your internal team and other outside entities to guarantee a successful implementation of your merger or acquisition plan.

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Leadership Transition

Good leaders are instrumental to a company’s success. Sometimes, candidates can be developed internally with coaching and a well-thought out and managed succession plan. In other instances, a new CEO may be recruited externally, or come with a targeted acquisition designed to add management resources as part of the purchase equation.

Whether you need assessment and development of leaders already in place, or want to identify and pursue external talent, a seasoned expert in executive transitions can be invaluable to your success.

E.L.I. Partners can help you to develop and enhance your current leadership team, or assist in recruiting executive leadership talent aligned to meeting your strategic goals.

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