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All businesses go through periods of growth and transition, and often need some assistance along the way. Some demand creative solutions to enable a swift change in direction, while others may need to revamp their strategy or enhance their leadership ranks in order to survive or prosper.

E.L.I.’s team of C-level executives is dedicated to successfully guiding our clients through those times in their businesses when they are considering or confronting change. Our service portfolio provides solutions to common pain points at each stage of the business life cycle.

Our capabilities cover a full range of client services. We provide targeted assessments, development, and implementation of optimized business plans, processes, or transactions, along with interim or fractional leadership for critical positions and projects.


Company Growth

For small and mid sized businesses, addressing capital needs or M&A opportunities are often an important part of growth plans, in addition to questions of organizational structure and strategy.

Near term financing may be a critical requirement for some to meet seasonal inventory buildup or to target new sales territories. For others, offering new product lines and growing their sales force may be indicated, while the acquisition of a competitor may be another company’s best solution to compete effectively for the long term.

Sometimes, outside support can make the critical difference in navigating these avenues successfully. E.L.I. offers experienced guidance with financing alternatives, market strategy, scalability, and organizational optimization to help your company meet its revenue enhancing objectives. We can also assist in managing the buy or sell side of transformative transactions.

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Performance Improvement

Successful businesses never rest in the pursuit of improving their organization. Refining business operations, acquiring top talent, streamlining financial performance and meeting and exceeding customer expectations all require careful strategy, effective implementation, and sustained follow through.

We can help your organization excel on each of these fronts. E.L.I. specializes in providing the expertise to match your requirements and help you reach your goals whether on a project basis or through a more holistic approach to your overall business.

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Ownership Transition

Every business at some point in time will experience a change in leadership and/or ownership. These periods can be extremely challenging for executives and employees, as well as for owners, and the business itself.

However, with careful preparation and a well thought out strategy, these transitions can also be opportunities to successfully reset the trajectory of the business for the long haul, or to maximize value upon exit.

E.L.I. Partners specialize in providing expert guidance to assist you in achieving your goals during these key periods of change.

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