Performance Improvement

Successful businesses never rest. They continually work to improve performance, both in good times, as well as when growth is challenged by competition in the industry, a lag in the overall economy, or transitions in the business itself.

Often outside support can make the difference in meeting transitional goals. Whether you wish to overhaul customer-facing infrastructure, streamline internal processes, realign your organizational structure, or boost financial returns, E.L.I.’s team of C-level executives have found creative solutions to problems like yours.

We help small and mid sized companies develop and implement strategies to successfully navigate common pain points throughout every stage of the business lifecycle.


Financial Performance

Obtaining the necessary financing to expand your business in a way that best serves its growth trajectory and ownership structure, may require more than just a working capital line from your local bank. Optimizing pricing, managing inventory, and retooling commission plans, are also important to top-line revenue growth and profitability.

Let’s work together to determine your operational and capital needs. We can evaluate available options for enhancing growth plans and liquidity, while assessing internal financial systems, processes, and technology to maximize profit potential.

We work alongside your team with expertise in finance, operations, technology and human capital, especially during periods of growth, underperformance, and ownership transitions.

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Meeting Customer Expectations

A business is only as strong as its relationship with its customers. Put simply, companies thrive on the connections that they make and maintain, and they begin to fail when those sales channels are disrupted or lost.

Strong customer service initiatives, an optimized technology interface, and insightful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a necessity for maintaining the customer facing presence you need.

E.L.I.’s expertise in assessing, enhancing, or correcting the systems by which you connect with customers, can allow your business to more easily and effectively expand your client base in line with your sales plan and product mix.

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Talent Acquisition & Development

The most successful organizations are driven by the ability to attract, retain and develop the right talent necessary to achieve their goals.

But assessment and acquisition of management talent is a specialized and often time-consuming process, especially for those organizations without a dedicated capability in house. Whether you are trying to fill a key position, build a new team, reorganize your leadership structure, or develop leadership skills for your organization, we can provide the expertise and insight to align human capital with your business strategy.

E.L.I.’s team of C-level executives brings decades of experience in identifying, attracting, recruiting, and coaching top talent in companies like yours.

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Business Operations

For businesses to run smoothly, internal processes that budget, track, and manage production, inventory, sales, and financial reporting, need to be supported by appropriate technology platforms.

Updating, expanding, and replacing old systems are necessary aspects of transition and growth that can often lead to unnecessary challenges if not properly attended to and implemented.

Our assessment and deployment of key infrastructure systems can alleviate the pain often experienced when growing business operations.

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