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Family Due Diligence: What to Know Before Investing in Another Family-Owned Business

Dan, CEO of his third generation, family-owned food distribution company, is interested in growing his business beyond its base in the southeast U.S. and has available capital. Pete’s business operates in California and other western states; as newly appointed CEO of his fifth generation business, he’s anxious to expand his family’s interests. Dan sees opportunity by strategically investing in Pete’s company. Pete is interested in growing his business but wants to ensure that the next generation—his son and daughter—maintains control of the business after his retirement. He considers another family business in his industry a better partner than the financial investors he has talked to, especially given their relatively short-term investment horizons.

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How to Be a Family Business Empty Nester, Part 2: Four Steps to Secure Your Family Business Before Retirement

You’re probably familiar with the saying “nothing is constant but change.” It’s an inevitable fact of life and in business.

Transitioning out of your CEO role in your family’s business is both scary and exciting. Leaving your business may be a defining moment; especially since long-standing personal relationships and core family values have helped define your business’s success. A badly handled transition can not only alienate your customers and employees, it can decrease your company’s overall performance and its value in the process.

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How to Be a Family Business Empty Nester, Part 1: Affecting a Successful Transition to the Next Generation  

Bob, 70-year-old CEO of his family’s successful manufacturing business, is excited about retiring. Dreaming of traveling with his wife and enjoying his new sports car, he’s ready to hand over day-to-day management of the business to another member of the family. But here’s the problem—several family members are jockeying for position to succeed him. Some are adamant that the business stays out of the hands of Bob’s children. How can he keep everyone happy? Can he keep everyone happy? Are his children ready for the responsibility of running the company?

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Accessing Capital for Women Led Businesses  

Recent business growth analysis continues to show discrepancies in the equality of funding between men and women-led businesses. It has been widely noted that while women-led business are more likely to exceed expectations across an array of industries, they, on average, have to make do with only half the start-up capital that entrepreneurial men garner in the same fields.

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